Mental Health & Psychiatric Treatment Center in Cleveland, OH

Shaker Clinic, located just outside of Cleveland, OH, provides comprehensive treatment for senior adults struggling with mental health issues.

At Shaker Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, we strive to provide the most optimal level of care to as many people as possible. In order to do so, we offer programming options that are designed to address a number of different mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorders, as well as other concerns that can negatively impact the lives of individuals. Some of the additional disorders and concerns that we treat here at Shaker Clinic include:

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Adjustment disorder
  • Aggression
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Psychosis
  • Schizophrenia
  • Schizoaffective disorder

If you or a loved one is struggling with any of these concerns or a combination of various concerns, the caring and compassionate staff at Shaker Clinic in Ohio is here to help. By designing individualized service plans that are tailored to meet each individual’s unique set of needs, we are able to provide services in a patient’s home or in our outpatient clinic.

We offer an array of services at Shaker’s treatment clinic that are designed to meet the varying levels of treatment needs for a variety of patients. These services include:

  • The mental health evaluation is a clinical assessment that is conducted in order to determine a patient’s needs and level of functioning so that an appropriate recommendation for care can be made.
  • Medication management is offered to patients in order to reduce, stabilize, and/or eliminate psychiatric symptoms in order to improve functioning and maintain successful, consistent management of a patient’s medication(s).
  • Behavioral health counseling and therapy consists of a series of time-limited, structured sessions that work towards the achievement of mutually defined goals. These sessions typically happen one-on-one between a patient and his or her therapist, but family members or guardians may be included when necessary.
  • Our intensive home-based treatment services are designed to provide the necessary services and supports that work to enable a patient with serious emotional disturbances to live and function successfully in the least restrictive, most normal environment possible.
  • Our community psychiatric supportive treatment consists of an array of services that are delivered by community-based professionals. This treatment focuses on an individual’s ability to succeed in the community, to identify and access needed services, to show improvement in work, family relationships, and integration into and contributions to the community.

The presence of a mental illness can be devastating for individuals, as well as for their loved ones. At Shaker Clinic in Cleveland, OH, we recognize how sensitive our patients’ needs are, and we strive to do everything in our power to help you or your loved one find relief from any and all mental health conditions present.