Leading Behavioral and Mental Health Treatment Programs in Cleveland, OH

Our vision at Shaker Clinic is to be an ever-improving care center that consistently redefines the way that mental healthcare is delivered. We want to remain a leader in creating distinct, effective mental health disease management through our partnerships with physicians and other clinical professionals, through the application of technology, and, most importantly, through the extension of our services from our treatment programs to the home.

As part of our mission to set ourselves apart from other mental health facilities by offering individualized, superior care that improves the quality of life patients, while also providing a reliable resource for the community, Shaker’s treatment programs offer the following treatment services:

  • Mental health assessments: Mental health assessments are clinical evaluations that are administered by a psychiatrist or therapist. During these evaluations, information is gathered from the patient in order to assess his or her needs and current level of functioning in order to make the most appropriate recommendation for treatment. These recommendations are based on the identification of the patient’s presenting problem and mental status evaluation, in addition to the formulation of a diagnostic impression.
  • Medication management: This intervention is utilized in order to reduce, stabilize, and/or eliminate psychiatric symptoms with the goal of improving a patient’s overall level of functioning.
  • Behavioral health counseling and therapy: The behavioral health counseling and therapy sessions consist of a series of time-limited, structured sessions that are designed to assist patients in achieving goals that they set with their therapist. These sessions typically occur one-on-one between the patient and his or her therapist, however, family members or guardians may be included when the intended outcome of treatment is improved functioning as identified by the patient’s individualized service plan. The behavioral health counseling and therapy sessions focus directly on addressing a patient’s emotional disturbance or mental illness.
  • Intensive home­-based treatment services: The intensive home-based treatment services (IHBT) provide comprehensive treatment that is designed to support the basic needs and functioning levels of patients and their families. The purpose of our intensive home-based services is to provide the necessary services and supports to enable a patient with serious emotional disturbances to live and function successfully in the least restrictive, most normal environment possible.
  • Community psychiatric supportive treatment: The community psychiatric supportive treatment (CPST) services deliver a vast array of treatment options that are provided by community-based professionals. These services address the individualized mental health needs of each patient by offering specific, measurable, and individualized services that are tailored to meet each patient’s unique set of needs.

Whatever your program needs may be, the staff at Shaker Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio is here to help you as you begin on the path to true healing.

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