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The symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD, can cause a lot of disruption to a person’s life. Depending on the type of ADHD a person has, be it the inattentive, hyperactive, or impulsive type, those who struggle with this disorder have a hard time concentrating, being organized, and adhering to schedules, and some even have a difficult time being punctual. Additionally, sufferers of this disorder may appear restless, talk excessively, and be easily agitated. Effective treatment for ADHD does exist, however, and various therapeutic interventions and medications can drastically improve the lives of those who have ADHD. Lastly, by receiving such treatment, the risks associated with untreated ADHD can be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Shaker Clinic is a premier provider of psychiatric care for adults and seniors who are in need of assistance while facing emotional, cognitive, and/or behavioral concerns. Located in Shaker Heights, an eastern suburb of Ohio, Shaker Clinic has been successfully providing outpatient and community-based services for the past 12 years. With a strong emphasis placed on cultural sensitivity, our caring and compassionate staff is multilingual, allowing us to meet the needs of a vast population. With the goal of helping our clients maintain independence, avoid hospitalization, find relief from their symptoms, and maximize their overall quality of life, the staff at Shaker Clinic currently serves over 1,000 clients and provides approximately 120 in-home visits each day. Although we can serve younger adult clients at the discretion of our medical director, the typical patient population treated at Shaker Clinic consists of senior adults, aged 65 and over. By providing comprehensive diagnoses, treatments, and follow-up care, we will help you or your loved one return to daily life with improved coping skills, conflict resolution skills, and a heightened sense of self-worth. At Shaker Clinic, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

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Helping a Loved One or Family Member Get Treatment

There are many things family members and loved ones can do to help someone who is struggling with the symptoms of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Consider doing the following:

  • Help your loved one with time management skills
  • Work with your loved one in composing a daily schedule
  • If you notice your loved one is distracted during a given task, help them refocus their attention
  • Try not to get frustrated with your loved one when he or she is having a hard time retaining focus
  • Offer encouragement when your loved one feels defeated
  • Be understanding and empathic

Additionally, researching treatment options can help your loved one determine the most effective care that can help with his or her ADHD symptoms. As a friend or loved one, you can also help your friend or loved one adhere to treatment recommendations from a mental health professional by being involved in the therapeutic process and encouraging the development and utilization of new skills.

Why Consider Treatment at Shaker Clinic

Those, especially adults, with ADHD often have a hard time at home and work when symptoms of this disorder cause impaired functioning. In a work environment, people with ADHD often have a hard time completing tasks, resisting impulses to move or speak, and experience difficulty when it comes to maintaining focus when the situation calls for it. At home, individuals with ADHD may experience increased levels of conflict with loved ones due to the fact that ADHD can cause irritability and agitation. Fortunately, there are treatment options for ADHD that proven effectiveness.

Outpatient treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a great option for care that can vastly improve the lives of ADHD sufferers. In an outpatient setting, people with ADHD can engage in therapy with mental health professionals who can offer guidance and assistance for managing symptoms. Additionally, these professionals can implement behavior modification techniques that can help ADHD sufferers resist impulses, retain focus, and control urges for hyperactivity. Additionally, outpatient care also affords ADHD sufferers with access to psychiatrists who can prescribe medications that can reduce, and sometimes, eliminate symptoms of this disorder, thus leading to an overall improved quality of life.

Our Philosophy and Benefits

At Shaker Clinic, we are devoted to being an ever-improving care facility, consistently redefining the way that mental health care is delivered and received. Our mission is to set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering individualized, superior care that improves the quality of life for our patients, while also providing a reliable resource for the community. We will continue to be a leader in developing and maintaining distinct, effective mental health disease management through partnerships with physicians and other clinical professionals, as well as through the application of technology and, most importantly, through the extension of our services from our treatment center to the home. At Shaker’s treatment center, we are devoted to improving the lives of each and every person who entrusts us with his or her care.

Types of Treatment Offered at Shaker Clinic

The staff at Shaker Clinic strives to provide top-of-the-line, quality outpatient and in-home mental health services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual that we treat. We recognize that each patient that we see has unique needs that must be explored and will be addressed throughout the development of one’s individualized service plan (ISP). The ISP is a written agreement between Shaker Clinic and the patient that describes, in detail, all of the services that will be provided. The implementation of the ISP allows for a collaborative process to occur between the patient and provider through the involvement of monitoring and evaluating goals, objectives, and interventions, while also showing the progress of treatment as issues are identified and treated. Additionally, the ISP assures continual communication between the patient and provider, while also encouraging each patient to take personal responsibility for obtaining his or her own treatment goals.

In order to provide the most comprehensive care available, Shaker Clinic offers the following services:

Mental health evaluation: In order to ensure that each and every need is addressed and met, a thorough clinical evaluation is provided for each patient in order to assess the individual’s needs, concerns, and present level of functioning. Based on the results of this evaluation, the appropriate services and treatment recommendations will be determined and presented to the patient. The recommendations will be based on the identification of the presenting problem, the evaluation of one’s mental status, and the formulation of a diagnostic impression.

Medication management: As part of our goal to guarantee the improved functioning of our patients, as well as to ensure the successful, consistent management and reduction of symptoms, we provide ongoing medication management to all patients who need it. This service provides psychiatric and medical interventions that are implemented in order to reduce, stabilize, and/or eliminate the symptoms that patients are plagued by as a result of their psychiatric struggles.

Behavioral health counseling and therapy: This component of treatment focuses on directly addressing the patient’s mental illness or emotional disturbance. These sessions primarily occur one-on-one between a patient and therapist, however, family members or guardians may be included when specified as part of the patient’s individualized service plan. These counseling services consist of a series of time-limited, structured sessions that work towards the attainment of mutually defined goals.

Community psychiatric supportive treatment (CPST): The intent of CPST is to provide specific, measurable, and individualized services to each patient. In order to do so, we focus specifically on our patients’ abilities to succeed in the community by assisting individuals in identifying and accessing needed services, guiding them as they show improvement in work functioning and family relationships, and aiding them as they integrate back into the community and become contributing members of society.

If you feel that you are in crisis, or are having thoughts about hurting yourself or others, please call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

Continuing Care

At Shaker Clinic, we take great strides to ensure that each and every patient is provided with thorough, intensive case management so as to guarantee that all needs are consistently and properly being met throughout the course of treatment. Our staff will work with you until your needs have been addressed, your concerns have subsided, your symptoms are managed, and your treatment goals have been met. We will collaborate with other agencies when your time with us is complete if a different type or level of care is needed. Additionally, we will make sure that, in cases where it is necessary, appropriate placement is set up following treatment completion (e.g. nursing home or group home placement). Whatever your continuing needs may be, the staff at Shaker’s treatment center will do everything in our power to make sure that you are comfortable with the next step in your journey.

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